+ Cartagena, the Latin American Summit of Communication, Talent, Innovation and Marketing, includes an inspiring, innovative and experiential academic proposal with formats presented by experts.


We perceive that the world has changed and that it may not be the same again, but ...


Do we really discover a different way of living? Will we adopt it as permanent?


+ CTG as Avatar will focus on the role of the creative industry in the current situation and on the positive influence that the sector has to help change the world.


The Summit will present content related to:


How much individuals and society have changed in their interrelation and in their relationship with brands and communications. Is the risk of adjusting to current reality all social, productive and consumer structures justified to what is not yet known if it will be permanent?


What has been the role of creativity in the prevailing situation and what will it be in the social and economic revival for a "sustainable recovery"? What has the sector done well and what remains to be done? How to generate relevant content based on renewed ethical and cultural values?


Whats Next? What should you keep from what has been discovered, what should you promote to improve and what must you overcome to continue?



How the perceptions of the individual regarding their values, their needs and their responsibilities have been modified in the great concerns of humanity.


Gain a humanistic, sociological, and marketing perspective on the individual and society. Learn about the influence of culture, technological developments and the global world on today's individual. The role of industry vis-à-vis society: in the fulfillment of the Millennium Goals and in the elimination of gaps.


Live the experience + CTG in Avatar from an innovative and experiential thematic proposal presented by renowned speakers from around the world, in multiple academic settings.


What are the challenges of products and services compared to the preferences of the individual / consumer? What are the new business models? How has brand activism evolved? How to maintain coherence between the promise made and the future behavior of the brand? What cases can inspire us?


Reflect on consumer relationships and links with brands. Understand the values ​​that make them enduring. Get a global and Latin American vision of the challenges of the tools belonging to this discipline.


Are creativity and innovation active allies to face the problems of today's society? What role should creativity and innovation play: entertainment, training as influencers of change? How can innovation and creativity contribute to a sustainable recovery, based on values?


Inspire transformation and innovation in the global and competitive society. Understand the challenges and opportunities of creativity and new technological resources for content generation. Learn about the importance and challenges of Artificial Intelligence, data and its analysis in creating relevant content.


Where do the contents go? Originality and diversity vs. replication.


Have the media outlets repositioned themselves in front of their audience? Have platforms and networks managed to be an effective response to the needs of the individual and of society? Do they change or do they change them?


Dig deeper into the different platforms and their challenges in capturing audiences, as well as generating new content. Identify opportunities to promote the use of platforms in the generation of new businesses. Learn about the challenges, limits and latest trends in measurement, data and analysis systems.


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